When you consider moving homes, you need to decide whether to buy an existing home or pay to build a new one, so it can be helpful to become familiar with the new home building process to avoid surprises down the line. Creating an expectation of the basics of home building will let you stay more involved in the process as well as get a better understanding of the costs and timeline during a build.

So, let’s dive in and read a brief walk through, starting with the foundation. This is when the work crew will clear the site and provide the basic structure using wooden forms and concrete base. Once the concrete is poured, activity will cease until the concrete is cured. From here, you start to see the actual shape of the house take place when rough framing begins. Wooden walls and roofs are built which show the skeleton of the home.

Now that the roof is on and the insides can stay reliably dry, many of the convenient facilities like pipes, wires, HVAC, and other systems are put in place. Then insulation is added to provide a more comfortable environment. This insulation can come in many forms, so talk to your builder which type they are using if you are curious.

From here, the new home building process begins to start feeling more like a home and you can become more heavily invested as the drywall is hung, paint is applied, driveways/walkways are placed, and your flooring is installed. It is also a good idea to stay involved when the light fixtures, bathroom facilities, and other HVAC equipment is installed so you can become a bit familiar with the fixtures.

The last step of this walk through for a new home building process is the landscape and finishing touches that will give the house some creative input and make you feel like home!