If you are in the market for custom closets in Sandpoint, Idaho, we have you covered. Closets have not really been redesigned since they were invented: a few cubbies or shelves and some rods to hang clothing.  What if you could do more? What if the coolest closets weren’t automated rows of rotating shelves like in movies, but were actually designed to hold what you want and to be convenient for your needs?

As you are thinking of custom closets in Sandpoint, Idaho, think of what you do in your closet and how the design can help.

  • You get ready for your power meetings: suit and tie, polished shoes, perfect hair. 

So what do you need to make that process easy and convenient?  How about a stow-away ironing board and a full-length mirror?  Maybe long hanging space so you don’t have to wrinkle your suit as you hang it back up?

  • Time. You spend lots of time pairing clothing combinations for the perfect look. 

How can a custom closet help with this? What if you had hanging areas with the ability to overlay clothing and see what works? Maybe you need a large closet area with several benches so you can lay clothing across other clothing to see the full effect? Perhaps even a dressmaker’s dummy so you can consider the effect on a physique that matches yours?

  • Your closet is your private storage: sporting equipment, childhood memorabilia, 70 pairs of shoes.

You need shelves that are reachable but plenty of them. Maybe some are different sizes to accommodate skis and helmets or sleeping bags and backpacking equipment. Possibly some are high enough you need a stepladder that doesn’t get in the way, so what looks like a drawer can support an adult.

Whatever you can dream, we can build.