If you have a dream custom house in mind, one that you have imagined, redesigned, changed, retrofitted, and remodeled countless times, we are here for you.

Most people have a dream home.  If you dream big, it is a dream custom house, one that you get to plan and build from the ground up. You have figured out the floor plan, which way the sun comes in, how big the yard is, whether you have a theater room, a craft room, a sun room, or a game room for the kids.

You have designed the number and size and location of the bedrooms, and you know how big the garage will be.

Multiple kitchens or just one.

Indoor sports courts or a place to take off muddy shoes or a built-on greenhouse.

Split level, basement, three stories, a turret, balconies, decks, patios.

We all have different dream homes, and most of us could tell you the color of the walls and which kind of wood for the hardwood floors, and what the countertops are made of. 

We have built countless dream homes, customizing them to the needs and desires of customers and tweaking the details all along the way.  We can give you a few tips:

  • Remember that you will change your mind when those dreams are finally realized. Don’t hang onto a detail just because you loved it a year ago.
  • Put the greatest amount of money behind the walls. You can change out carpet for laminate or hardwood or tile with a little work, but changing everything about the lighting or adding new lines for heating is a big job that tears ceilings and walls.
  • Don’t worry about trends. Consider what feels like home to you.

If you can dream it, we can build it. And we will do everything we can to help you build the dream custom home that will feel like home the minute you step through the door.